Volume 3, No. 3, 2008

Special Issue:

Application of intelligent computing in information Hi-Tech

Dedicated editor of the issue:

  • Doctor of Science, professor Ulyanov S.V.


  • Litvintseva L.V., Sorokin S.V., Ulyanov S.V.
    Quantum computing and algorithm of self-organization for knowledge bases of intelligent control systems
    The role and methodology of quantum computing application in design of robust intelligent control systems in unpredicted control situations are discussed. Generalized quantum algorithm of self-organization is developed that as a particular case includes the structure of self-organization robust KB control algorithm. The goal of applied self-organization RB quantum control algorithm is the achievement of introduced thermodynamic criteria in distributed optimal trade-off between stability, controllability, and robustness that are used in control loop in on-line.

    Resources: elibrary.ru.

  • Ulyanov S.V., Degli Antoni G., Nesterenko M.S., Yamafuji K.
    Classical efficient simulation of wise quantum control in non-linear dynamic systems based on quantum game gates (in English)
    New effect in design of intelligent control systems as a generalization of Parrondo (entangled) game and card quantum entanglement-free game (without entanglement) is considered. Applied Quantum Soft Computing (as a tool and background for design technology of robust intelligent control) is considered. Quantum algorithm game gate (QAGG)-approach for HW-implementation of fast quantum algorithms in simulation and design of AI-robotics and smart mechatronics control systems is developed. Intelligent control system design with wise robust fuzzy controller based on QAGG-approach is also described.

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  • Ulyanov I.S., Porto M., Ulyanov S.V.
    Fast algorithm and HW design for efficient intelligent computation of main quantum algorithm operators on classical computer (in English)
    The general approach for quantum algorithm (QA) simulation on classical computer is introduced. Efficient fast algorithm and corresponding SW for simulation of Grover's quantum search algorithm (QSA) in large unsorted database and fuzzy simulation is presented. Comparison with common QA simulation approach is demonstrated. Hardware (HW) design method of main quantum operators that are used in simulation of QA and fuzzy operators is described. Grover's QSA as Benchmark of HW design method application is presented. This approach demonstrates the possibility of classical efficient simulation of quantum algorithm gates (QAG) and in general fuzzy simulation approaches.

    Resources: elibrary.ru.