Volume 3, No. 2, 2008

Special Issue:

Fundamental and applied aspects of intelligent computing: role and influence of informational Hi-Tech on effectivity growth

Dedicated editors of the issue:

  • Doctor of Science, professor Ulyanov S.V.,
  • Doctor of Science, professor Cheremisina E.N.


  • Ulyanov S.V., Cheremisina E.N.
    Intelligent computing technologies: Fundamental principals and handling aspects in the tasks of system analysis and robust control

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  • Ulyanov S.V.
    Robust intelligent control systems: system and structure analysis
    In the article the structure analysis of intelligent control systems (ICS) is developed and interrelations with conventional tasks of control system theory are described. Using the simulation analysis results of ICS typical structures is shown that applications of fuzzy neural network is not guarantee (in general case) the achievement of the required accuracy in an approximation of a teaching signal that generated by genetic algorithm(GA) in the intelligent global feedback (IGF) of control loop. As result, in dramatically exchanging of external conditions the sensitivity of control object is increased and the robustness of ICS is decreased. Thus reliability of the control goal achievement by ICS is loosed. Applications of new types of computational intelligence toolkit for solutions of ICS robustness problem are discussed.

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  • Litvintseva L.V., Sorokin S.V., Ulyanov S.V.
    Application of knowledge-base optimizer based on soft computing in tasks of intelligent robust control
    Effective control processes are demonstrated using Benchmarks of control object (CO) models in uncertainty of information about structure parameters and unpredicted control situations based on soft computing knowledge base optimizer (KBO). It is demonstrated that the using of KBO in learning situations and unpredicted control situations increasing robustness levels of intelligent control systems (ICS).

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  • Ulyanov S.V., Litvintseva L.V., Sorokin S.V.
    Quantum control algorithm of knowledge self-organization in robust intelligent control systems based on quantum fuzzy inference (in English)
    This article describes a generalized design strategy of intelligent robust control systems based on quantum/soft computing technologies that enhance robustness of hybrid intelligent controllers by supplying a self-organizing capability. We propose the solution of such kind of problems by introducing a quantum generalization of strategies in fuzzy inference in on-line from a set of pre-defined fuzzy controllers by new Quantum Fuzzy Inference based systems. We stress our attention on the robustness features of intelligent control systems with the effective simulation of Benchmark.

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  • Ulyanov S.S., Vybornaya N.S., Sharafutdinova A.
    Engineering management in the field of high information technology of fuzzy control system's design: Formation technology, intelligent control law of intellectual enterprise products and methods of intellectual property protection (in English)
    Advanced problems and practical approaches to the decision-making processes in the general problem of development formation technology, creation and legal protection of intellectual property (IP) on intellectual product (IProduct) are discussed. Methodology bases of IP creation technology are considered from stand viewpoint of the general methodology of fuzzy control theory. Acceptance of optimal solutions in conditions of incompleteness (fuzziness) and uncertainty of information is discussed.

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