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Publication Requirements

Editorial Board of the journal asks authors to comply with the following rules when providing articles.

Terms of publication of articles

  • Articles submitted for publication should be relevant, possess novelty, contain description of research results obtained by author(s) and conclusions.
  • Articles must comply with submission guidelines.

Submission guidelines

  • Articles must be prepared in LaTeX and submitted to editorial board via web-site. Authors can use AMS-LaTeX macro package for a set of complex formulas.
  • LaTeX template must be used for manuscript's formatting.
  • Articles must include the following information: title, full name(s) of author(s), author(s)' affiliation (place of employment) and position, a list of keywords and an abstract.
  • Articles must consist of preface, consecutively numerated sections of main content, conclusion and references.
  • All formulas' numbers should be right-sided.
  • Only digital images are accepted. Each image should go in a separate file. All images must be referenced from within a manuscript. Figures which are not referenced will not be published.
  • All papers from references list must be linked with citations within a manuscript. References for unpublished papers are not accepted.
  • Articles must be written in good English, spelling must be checked by means of any available to author spell-checker.