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Submission Procedure

  1. Papers are accepted according to the schedule:
    • in No. 1 Ц until 1st of May of the current year;
    • in No. 2 Ц until 1st of November of the current year.
    In exceptional cases deadline for submission of articles can be extended.
  2. Received articles are handled by the Editorial Board within a month.
  3. All submitted articles go through peer-review process.
  4. On the basis of the reviewer's conclusion Editorial Board can send the article to the author(s) for revision together with its review.
  5. The Editorial Board reserves the right to decline an article that does not meet the journal's requirements or in the presence of negative reviews of the article.
  6. In case of rejection the Editorial Board provides the author(s) with motivated conclusion and review of the article, if the refusal was made based on a negative review.
  7. The Editorial Board reserves the right to carry out literary editing of the received material (correcting grammar, syntax, punctuation, style errors).
  8. Author(s) will be noticed that the article was received within 7 days after submitting. Within a month after submitting author(s) will be informed of the results of the reviewing process and Editorial Board's decision whether the article was accepted or declined.