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Reviewing Process

  1. All submitted articles go through peer-review process.
  2. Forms of peer-review process used by the Editorial Board:
    • internal (reviewing of articles by members of the Editorial Board);
    • external (reviewing of articles by leading experts in the relevant scientific fields).
  3. Editor-in-Chief determines the compliance of an article with the journal's scope, policy and publication requirements and forwards it to a reviewer.
  4. Executive secretary informs the article's authors about its status within 7 days.
  5. Duration of peer-review process is up to one month from the notification by the executive secretary.
  6. Review covers the following questions:
    • whether the content of the article corresponds to its title;
    • to what extent the article meets modern achievements of corresponding science;
    • whether the article is apprehensible by readers, for whom it is intended, in terms of language, style and arrangement of the material, clarity of tables, charts, drawings etc.;
    • what exactly the positive aspects and disadvantages of the article are, which corrections and additions the author(s) should make;
    • conclusion whether the article should be accepted, declined or revised according to review.
  7. In case of rejection the Editorial Board provides the author(s) with motivated conclusion and review of the article, if the refusal was made based on a negative review.
  8. Declined articles will not be accepted again.
  9. The presence of a positive review is not sufficient for the publication of the article Ц final decision is taken by the Editorial Board.