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Greetings from Lotfi Zadeh

(translated from Russian)

40 years ago the article "Fuzzy Sets" was published in the journal "Information and Control", which led to development of the theory of fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, fuzzy control, theory of possibility, fuzzy topology, soft computing, computational theory of perceptions, refined theory of natural language and other scientific fields that are based on the theory of fuzzy sets. Significant contribution to the development of these research areas has been made by Russian (Soviet) scientists. Russian scientists always give attention to both fundamentality and applied nature of research. However, Russia did not have a special scientific journal devoted to the theory of fuzzy sets and related scientific fields. It is pleasant that such a journal is finally created. I welcome the Chief Editor and Tver State University, who have taken the initiative to organize its publication. I believe that the journal will lead to intensification of scientific research in Russia in the field of fuzzy systems and soft computing, and that the magazine will strengthen the authority of Russian scientists on an international level.

Lotfi A. Zadeh
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Director of BISC, Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing