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History of the Journal

In 2006 the Russian Association for Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing (RANSMV) launched a new scientific journal that was devoted entirely to the problems indicated in the title of the association. Despite the rich history of scientific research in this field in Russia there has not been a special journal on the subject. Thus decision of RANSMV was aimed to solve this problem.

The final decision concerning opening of the journal was made as a result of communications carried out by delegates of RANSMV on the jubilee conference BISCSE 2005 (University of California, Berkeley, USA) with a number of foreign experts and with direct approval of the idea by prof. Zadeh, who kindly agreed to be its honorary editor.

International editorial board of "Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing" was gathered during 2006 and the first issue of the journal was initially printed the same year. Well-known russian and foreign scientists with excellent excperience in the subject agreed to enter the editorial board.